Canal Naval Construction Co. inaugurated the first part of the Raswa pontoon bridge

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Port Said - Wednesday, 13 November 2016
 Canal Naval Constructions Co. (CNCC)
One of the Suez Canal Authority's companies
Had successfully inaugurated the first part of the Raswa pontoon bridge in the headquarter of the Canal Naval Construction company . It is worth mentioning that the bridge consisting of 6 parts  fully create under the supervision of Port said shipyard and the French supervision authority (B.V).
The bridge's parts has been manufacturing in Four of the subsidiary companies of the Suez Canal Authority : Canal Naval Construction Co. , The Port Said Engineering Works Co., Timsah Shipbuilding Co. , and Suez Shipyard Co. In addition to the Port Said Shipyard and Port Tawfiq Shipyard.
The first part, which was inaugurated will be withdrawn to Raswa zone in Port Said to start in installing it on the bank of the Suez Canal in knowing of Engineering Management and will be the inauguration of the rest of the parts successively to complete the rest of the bridge, which will be opened, God willing, in the celebrations of Port Said city on next 23 December.

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