Canal Naval Constructions Co. negotiating with a French company to manufacture pollution resistance Launches

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Port Said - Sunday, 21 August 2016
Canal Naval Constructions Co. (CNCC) - one of the Suez Canal Authority companies is negotiating with a French company to manufacture yachts made of aluminum, which is used to resist pollution.
The negotiations entered its final stages with the French company in order to manufacturing launches locally and then exported it to Arab, African and European countries.

Engineer / Ibrahim Abdel Jawad, Chairman of Canal Naval Constructions Co., aims to benefit from the expertise of French companies in the field of manufacturing launches resist the environmental pollution.
And those conventions is not the first of its kind, but it was preceded by contract with a Swedish company and other company from Belgium, which confirms the quality of the products offered by CNCC company.
Canal Naval Constructions Co. It entered the field of manufacturing launches since 2011, with the aim to strengthen the areas of the company's activities, the company was manufactured 32 launches, including multi-purpose boats like «service boats and towing boats», the launches manufacturing achieved the revenue of the company at 200 million pounds.
the company exported a boat to the State of the Netherlands during the past years, which confirms the quality of local products that are manufactured inside the Canal Naval Constructions Co.
Canal Naval Constructions Co. have been supplying four boats for Red Sea Ports Authority during the past years.

Eng / Ibrahim Abdel Jawad, Confirmed that the company is ready to manufacturing Ferries river, used to transfer the passengers inside the Nile, to act as an alternative to the current Ferries which suffering of depreciation. The former Ministry of Transport has announced a tentative agreement with the Suez Canal Authority on manufacturing the new ferries through the Canal Naval Constructions Co.
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