Inaugurated of four aluminum Pilot boat "Bahar" and the third pontoon of the floating bridge "SRABIUM"

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Port Said - Sunday , 22 Abril 2018

Inaugurated the Canal Naval Constructions Co., the third pontoon of the Western bridge for Sarabium in Ismailia and 4 pilot boats "Bahar" for the Suez Canal Authority.

Eng.Hatem Selim, Chairman of the company's board of directors, said that the pontoon cost is 9 million egyption pounds and was completed within five months, the pontoon will be withdrawn to "Port Said shipyard" in order to assemble it with other parts of the bridge to complete the floating bridge.

Pointing out that the company intends to start construction of the third pontoon of the bridge of East Sarabium in mid-May. The building of pontoon for the bridge of the coast in Suez will takes four months to build
adding that the 4 pilot boats "Bahar", which was inaugurated by the company, will join to the fleet of the Suez Canal Authority to support the movement of navigation in the channel. The cost of one boat is 15 million pounds was manufactured from aluminum, pointing out that the company is building 2 more boats with the same model for Suez Canal Authority

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