Canal Naval Constructions Co. (CNCC) is one of Suez Canal Authority (SCA) affiliated companies founded in 1963 well equipped and efficient for building and repairing aluminum and steel vessels.

It was chosen for its supreme strategic location at Egypt Northern entrance of Port Said city gives it the advantages to cover a massive maritime areas. The shipyard can convert the Ro / Ro ships to passenger ships.

The quay at ship building area have 200 meter length & quay at ship repair area is 150 meter and growing.

The South quay is a base operation for petroleum search companies also CNCC is planning to build a new floating dock with lifting capacity up to 5000 tons.


To effect positively into our beloved country economy using our remarkable willing and the latest worldwide technologies along with more than a fifty years of experience and to preserve the environment through introducing the latest technology and innovation.


Commitment in delivering excellent value to our customers , To design and execute plans that secure optimized bright future for our beloved company and to pass on the torch of success via the experienced hands to youngest generations in order to secure endless success, and to build a self-sufficient and professionally organization serving the best interests of our clients by offering safe and efficient services and products with minimum impact on the environment. Our goal is to become the most efficient supplier of aluminum boats in the MENA countries.



Canal Naval Constructions Company is a shipyard fully equipped workshops with modern facilities as well as the highly skilled workforce of more than 500 people which are qualified and as far as certified, it has been mastered in all kinds of specialization in construction techniques either steel or aluminum.

We have designed, built and delivered more than 550 highly versatile vessels, which are in service with Suez Canal Authority, Egyptian’s Port Authoritarian and governmental companies.

Eng. Emad Isaac , CEO